The Loving Chair Company



Are you a brand, designer or hotelier looking for handcrafted furniture that boasts style and quality? Are you looking for bespoke handmade pieces that have been hand cut, sewn, upholstered and valetes to exacting standards? If you have answered yes, then you have come to the right place.

We have over 500 years combined experience in designing and making furniture. Together, we can create designs which reflect not only your brand but also your customer’s needs and desires.

Our passion drives us to create long lasting relationships with our partners. We want to help you develop your private label and create pieces which stand out and don’t fit into a mass market model. 

Your private label will be unique and perfected to your designs and our craftsmanship.

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If you’re looking for a full range of sofas, chairs and beds then we can help. You will work closely with our in-house development team to create the furniture you require. We only deal with quality which is why we manufacture virtually all the elements of our furniture ourselves; from solid hardwood frames, through to finished upholstered piecesf

There are three ways you develop your private label:

New designs

We work with you to identify your unique needs with our experience, convert your drawings into a prototype.

Exclusive development

You select products from our core collection or back catalogue and develop it to tailor an exclusive design for your brand or project.

Core collection

Our core collection is available non-exclusively to all our clients. We work with you to identify which pieces are best suited to your customers and develop a fabric range that enhances the product.

The core collection is designed to appeal to a wide range of customers who seek beautiful design, made to the highest specification, with exceptional comfort.

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